Softform, Ultrasoft, Advanta, Gore-Tex

What are SoftForm, UltraSoft, Gore-Tex and Advanta? SoftForm, UltraSoft, Gore-Tex and Advanta implants are made from expanded polytetrafluoroethylene, which is a non-reactive, non-toxic polymer. This material has a very long track record as a safe, biocompatible and inert implant. Designs for these implants differ, as outlined below, however each is designed so that tissue grows in and around the implant which creates stability and reduces chance for migration.

What are the major differences between SoftForm, UltraSoft Advanta and Gore-Tex?

  • Soft Form is a micro porous tubular designed implant which has a hollow core allowing tissue to grow within the implant, which increases stability and the aesthetic result.
  • UltraSoft comes from the makers of SoftForm (Tissue Technologies, Inc.) and is similar in design to SoftForm, however, the company reports that UltraSoft is approximately 3 times softer than its sister implant, allowing for the implant to feel more like your own tissue. 
  • Gore-Tex is a micro porous implant, however is slightly stiffer than Advanta and UltraSoft. Most patients adapt to the feel and are very comfortable with it. Recipients of Gore-tex will not experience any shrinkage over time.
  • Advanta is a dual porosity implant which was designed to address issues of softness, reduced migration and shrinkage. This dual porosity structure creates a noticeably soft implant. Advanta is gaining in popularity among surgeons as the implant exhibits not only great softness, but excellent tissue ingrowth compared with lower porosity implants.

What are the advantages of using a polytetrafluoroethylene implant? Lip implants with SoftForm, UltraSoft, Gore-Tex and Advanta offer a more defined appearance versus a plumped up, pouty look. Second, although the results are permanent, they are reversible as well. One very important advantage of this lip augmentation procedure is that shrinkage is minimal if at all, as compared to Alloderm and Dermaplant. In addition, the cost is approximately the same.

What takes place during the procedure? This lip augmentation procedure is performed under local anesthesia, with or without light sedation, on an out patient basis. The implants are inserted through tiny incisions using a small needle. The procedure can last from 35 to 60 minutes on average.

How long is recovery and what are the possible side effects? You will experience swelling, some general discomfort, tightness and possibly bruising for one or two weeks. It is possible that the implant may be felt through the lips. Again, healing and recovery are dependent upon patient health and correct follow through on post operative care following the surgery. Complications during this procedure are very rare, especially when performed by a qualified facial surgeon.

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